Let’s find out some overview of both Traditional and Modern Education

Traditional Education

Collection of all the collective knowledge containing values, manners, skills, and social practices and imparting it to the next generation so that that the essence of tradition is conveyed in the society. The education, which is mainly focused on customs, culture, manner, and skills, is called customary training or conventional learning. This transfer of traditional knowledge from one generation to another is essential and even necessary to pass on the values, manners, skills, and social practice to the next generation, which is vital for their survival.

The student in today’s generation is benefitted with this education as it taught about the customs and traditions of the society in which he lives.

Mainly this education is imparted to the students by the mean of Oral recitation. This education is mainly learned from hearing from the taught by enchanting information, as there is no paperwork or practical work, so students have to sit and listen.

This kind of education is oral-based, so there are no written tests, but some verbal tests that too not so formal. This education is very far from science and technology what we study today. The traditional education system included learning about customs, traditions, and religions. That is why it is designated a conventional education.

 Modern Education

If we hear the word ‘modern education,’ what is the first thought we get in our mind- Byju, e-books, Ipads, lots of electronic devices, and everything portable. The type of education that we are having in today’s generation is called as modern education. The knowledge imparted relating to technology, the new generation, and everything related to this electronic world.

In this era of modern education, learners can learnand acquire knowledge at any age or time they want. We live in an era where wehave internets in our palm that gives us access to know anytime, anywhere withjust some taps on our mobile phones.

As in our traditional education, there was a particulargroup of people who are allowed to study and grasp knowledge rest of them wouldlearn some other skills that are necessary to humanity. Still, moderneducation says that every human being of this planet has a right to study atwhatever age he/she is.

From an early age itself, we start teaching our children about technologies, introduce them with new and innovative ideas so that their thebrain evolves in the direction of creativity, and thus we find great minds in future.

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